These appraisals are generally performed as desktops and can include hypothetical assumptions where appropriate.  Our firm employs the historical database approach for tracking valuation trends over time.  The tracking of these trend analyses is used for forecasting future values to a reliable level of accuracy. We closely examine value trends, supply and demand analyses, days on market, saturation levels and economic and statistical modeling.  We study a wide range of marketplace trade intelligence to support our appraisal and forecasting process in order to accurately quantify aircraft pricing and availability. In fact, our exclusive database contains over 1,000 model-series aircraft spanning over 30 years of detailed market research data.


     After ASI’s statistical model compiles a set of value trends, it doesn’t stop there.  We interpret the data for thoroughness and reasonableness.  We analyze the data, independently from the model and interject human intervention factors to improve accuracy.  This method has been successfully used reliably by our firm and has proven itself time and time again.


     We understand that Prospective (Future) Value Forecasting appraisals must be detailed, comprehensive and accurate as possible. There’s no domino effect with ASI. We know that a report that’s slightly inaccurate today, will be totally incorrect in the future. We have implemented proven protocols to mitigate analytical error growth.