In the event you find yourself in a breach of contract or outright default situation, Aeronautical Systems is ready to provide rapid, aircraft recovery/repossession services. We’re also extremely proud of our high success rate in repossessing aircraft from foreign countries. In fact, our rate of success is 100%.  We’re available to retrieve aircraft anywhere, anytime, foreign or domestic, friendly or hostile (hopefully not too hostile!) and can depart for the destination on a moment’s notice. We arrange everything, from flight crews to record retrieval experts to aircraft security.


     ASI has effectively handled repossession of jet aircraft operating in foreign countries and has overseen numerous post-repossession maintenance and storage programs.


     We understand the value of retrieving all associated historical records with the aircraft – even if it means additional risk. Many firms can retrieve your aircraft but can’t obtain the historical records. We can, and do because an aircraft without historical records is just another pile of scrap aluminum – almost worthless. Let us help you strategize and limit your exposure to possible losses due to errors and/or missing maintenance records.