If your fractional aircraft ownership contract is approaching its scheduled termination date, we offer many services specifically designed to benefit you.


     Our firm has helped many fractional owners make informed decisions relative to acquisitions, share changes (trade ups or downs), redemption strategies, dispute resolution and aircraft valuations.  A simple, but a comprehensive desktop appraisal will provide much-needed information, not least – peace of mind.


     When the time comes to redeem your shares, we stand by ready to support your financial managers, lawyers or accountants with quantitative data on the market value calculations utilized to determine your shares value, as well as to provide proper interpretation of the valuation parameters contained in the “buy-back” section of your fractional contract.


     Our goal is to provide you, the owner with key current market valuation information that will increase the accuracy of what your share is worth.  We will enhance your knowledge, to ensure you are an informed participant in the redemption process, not relying solely on the fractional providers market value methodology and their interpretation of the contract.


     Call us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation so we can help you determine the best course of action and explain in greater detail how we can work together for your benefit.