These include multilevel condition monitoring physical inspections, with or without a review of the records and are tailored to the client’s needs and each specific situation.  Diligent monitoring and compliance oversight will help ensure that risk is properly managed and asset value is maintained.  Identification and risk mitigation are the principle goal.


  • Routine surveillance,

  • Major repair, damage events, and abuse assessments

  • Identification of any issues that will cause value degradation

  • Audit of financial accrual program payments applicable to power-by-hour maintenance programs

  • characteristic and maintenance verification

  • Validation of mandatory Regulatory Authority compliances, i.e. Next Generation Avionics upgrades

  • Review of recent pre-purchase inspection reports

  • Review of recent computerized maintenance tracking reports

  • Review of all enrolled financial accrual program contracts


     If a highly-detailed physical inspection isn’t currently necessary, we tailor our condition monitoring services to meet your needs with only a general walk-around inspection and photographic documentation. We recommend this option when confirmation of physical existence, file photographs or damage assessment is required, and cost containment is paramount.