Finding the right aircraft at the right price isn’t always as simple as it looks.  Planes are complicated machines, and understanding how to properly assess their true condition requires an experienced approach to avoid major (read expensive) maintenance headaches down the road. At Aeronautical Systems, our team of experienced technicians kick off the process by developing detailed maintenance profiles on every candidate aircraft.  Aircraft that make the cut are then appraised using a highly accurate process we’ve developed over the last 30 years to determine the proper value so that you always pay the right price, every time. How accurate? For over 30 years, financial institutions have depended on ASI to provide the most accurate values in the industry, including in court cases, where we’ve never lost yet. But our service doesn’t stop there.  At no extra cost, our personalized approach includes:

  • Aircraft finance planning
  • Management company auditing and selection for 91 and 135 operations
  • Development of annual operating budgets 
  • Crew search and selection
  • Maintenance planning
  • Hangar and fuel selection

When yours needs go deeper, we can quickly help you with tax planning and legal support for setting up the right ownership and operating structure via our partner network.  Looking for a one stop shopping experience?  We also offer comprehensive aircraft management services to make purchasing and operating your next aircraft a truly turn-key experience.